About Sireah

About Sireah:

About Sireah

Normal information

Born: 1988

Bra: C (natural)

Height: 155cm (5’1)

Measurements: 38 (bust) – 33 (waist) – 38 (hips)

Weight: Between 50-60kgs (human’s fluctuate).

Citizenship: Australia

Residence: Germany

About Sireah:

Random other information

  • Skin Tone

Neutral-Warm [ie, Yellow undertones] (Video by Girl [2] / Video by Guy / Warm & Cool Red Difference)

38-40 Europe, 8-10 US/Canada, 10-12 UK, 42-44 Italy, 10-12 AUS, 11-13 Japan

24cm / 9.5 inches: Europe 38, 6 US/Canada, 5.5 UK, Aus/NZ 5.5, Japan 23.5, China 39, Korea 241

When measuring, my feet are 23cm / 9 inches, but i generally buy a shoe about 24 cm – 24.5cm (9.5 inches). My feet fit in a 5, 5.5 or 6 in Australia, depending on brand and style of shoe, though with dimensions they are a size 5.

Pinky: 5 Ring: 9 Middle: 10 Index: 9 Thumb: 10

  • Wrist Size

14cm [Tight] / 19cm [Pull over Hand]

  • Necklace Sizes

33cm [Choker] / 58cm [Short] / 75cm [Long]

  • Pillow

Memory Foam Pillowcase [Bamboo]

  • Astrology

Bharani (Lagna) / Uttara Phalguni (Chandra 5th) / Purva Ashada (Surya 8th) / Revati (Mangala 11th) / Uttara Ashada (Budha 9th) / Krittika (Guru 1st) / Jyeshtha (Sukra 8th) / Mula (Sani 8th) / Shatabhisha (Rahu 10th) / Magha (Ketu 4th).

About Sireah:


  • Favourite Fabrics

Satin, Hemp and Bamboo.

  • Favourite Smells

I love the smell of “heat”. Like when it becomes really hot outside, I like that smell. Like everything is blanketed by an aroma of pulsating heat.

  • Favourite Foods

Fruit / Candy < “natural sugar”.

Favourite fruits are pineapple, mango, raspberry, bananas, oranges, dates…

Favourite vegetables rocket, aubergine, lemon, ginger, tomato (fruit, shush), cucumber…

Favourite spices: Cayenne pepper, cumin, cinnamon, thyme…

Spelt bread (hence a fan of germany).

Aniseed flavours (Licorice, Black Sambucca, etc).

Things that taste milky, (picture the taste of cashews) or have the milky biproduct taste like rooibos tea.

Cacao (dark chocolate, high percentage, without milk dilution)

Chia seeds (I quite like them, I just eat randomly for digestion)

Restaurants: Indian (variety of vegetable dishes, and nice spices), and Thai (has coconut milk a lot). Buddhist restaurants (they don’t put in some ingredients that I tend to avoid),

Meals: Banana Pancakes, Lentils, Dinkel pasta with pesto and rocket and kidney beans, Hummus and carrots, Mean Green juice, Berry smoothies…

  • Favourite Drinks

Coconut water (out of the actual coconut that you cut open from the store).

Almond milk.

Fresh juice or smoothies.


Black sambucca (2) (galliano is my preferred brand, mixing with lemonade or water makes it look blue rather than purple)


Merlot Wine (I prefer red than white, and I feel merlot is thick and slides down the nicest for me)


Sour Monkey

Variety of other dark liqueurs… not a fan of vodka (used to drink it premixed of course as its so common, but I’d rather opt away from it) or milk+alcohol.



Rooibos (traditional African tea)

Lemon Balm (melissenblätter)

Lemon and ginger

  • Favourite Flavours

Lemon, Ginger, Pomegranate, Aniseed, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Berry, Mango, Pineapple…

  • Favourite Flowers

These flowers are either yellow, have eight petals, or both.

Blackheart Sassafras (2 / 3) (native to Australia, local to NSW around the Blue Mountains)

Damianita (native to Texas and Mexico)

Bloodroot (native to East US)

Marsh Tickseed (native to Canada and North America)

Single-flowered dahlias (native to Mexico)

Collerette dahlias (native to Mexico)

Lesser celandine (native to central Europe, UK, north Africa and the Caucasus)


Yellow Roses (2)

Craspedia (native to Australia and NZ)

Begonia ‘Non Stop / Mocca Yellow’

Dutch Hyacinth Yellow Queen (native to southwestern Asia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine)

Freesia (southern Africa)

Buttercups (Northern Europe)

Carnation (Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Spain)

Yellow Pansy (California, USA)

Golden Chain Tree (2) (native to Brazil)


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