Düsseldorf (NRW) Escort, Camgirl, Amateur Pornstar


I am available year round, 24/7. For hourly or overnight bookings. Please contact me at least 12 hours in advance before you wish to meet.


I am registered with the government as a sex worker and file my taxes. Providing you with anonymity and professionalism in my role.


Please check the later sections for videos showing sexual skills and images for appearance traits.


Sireah Warden


I speak English.


I can be hired Worldwide.


Social Media


Help for what to avoid saying
to get a successful booking.

Dos and Donts


Hourglass figure.
Natural C cup.
Thick thighs.
Curvy butt.
Small Mouth.
Evening Wear
Evening Wear
Evening Wear


Outcall – I come to your hotel:

First hour: 150€.
Consecutive hours: 100€ per hour.
Overnight (12 hours): 1000€.


These are the services I offer.
‘Included’ means free. ‘Excluded’ means they cost more.









Classic Sex


Multiple Positions


French Kissing










Dirty Talk


Cum In Mouth


Cum In Face / Cum On Boobs


Masturbation Voyeurism






Animal onesie (bat).



~€ charge, based on price of outfit. Will be discussed per-request.

Face Fucking


20€ charge. This is due to the pain of not breathing for extended periods of the blowjob.



50€ charge. This is due to my tightness, due to not doing this often in my life.



€100 charge. Technically I’m having intercourse with two people, so +1 charge.

Dinner Date


You pay for the meal, and the normal hourly price. This is inclusive of heavy conversation.



100€ charge for a GFE experience. This could include going to group event, and doing things in public.

Extended Services


There are some extra services I offer, but they are restricted to Regular clients. For my safety.

Booking Methods

Outcall I only do bookings in advance. If you message on the same day that you want an appointment, I will kindly let you know to pick a later date. The only time this does not occur, is if you are incredibly organised providing all the details required quickly, and there is about 12 hours difference. Example, you text in the morning for evening. All the information in the “Required Details” must be provided.


touch @
Phone Messaging

+49 174 807 9577

+49 174 807 9577

+49 174 807 9577

Outcall Details Required:


A contact option (such as phone number).

Day you would like the booking to be.

Specific time you would like to meet.

Amount of time you would like to book me for.

Where you would like to meet. Hotel name or exact address.

Express whether you are traveling or local. This lets me know whether you have a time restriction, if you say you are traveling and only here for a few days I can let you know quickly whether I have a booking open for the dates of your stay. It can also possibly let me know your language understanding and how simple to word my English. Or whether you are a German local and may want reoccuring appointments.

Optional: Email address, if you would like a business receipt.

Optional: Picked out a toy from the “skills” section that you would like me to bring.

Checklist for Meetup:

~ Withdraw cash before meeting me, to avoid me walking with you to an ATM.

~ Booked a room for the length of time for the appointment.

~ Decided what kind of sex you are looking for. Do you wish to have traditional sexual activity (foreplay + sex), or is there something extra you would like to explore. If some of these require extra payment (listed in prices section).

If you are more comfortable discussing kinks in person, that is fine. If you want me to do some research on your fetish and try and provide a more fulfilling experience, then please send it described in an email or message. I enjoy being intrigued.

~ If you have booked for overnight, you have considered meal options for us. Nothing is harder than getting aroused when you’re starving.

Find me here


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A section to give you a little background knowledge about me before contact.


I am 31 years old :).

Pictures on the website are recent, and are updated regularly.

Born in 1988. The year of the Bicentenary of Australia (of white settlement) for a little bit of trivia for you.

The name provided on the website is very similar to my legal name. If you call me “Si” (pronounced Sigh) this is a nickname which always applies to me.

My full escort name is Sireah Warden.


What you see in the images and videos what you get.

I do not wear makeup. Nor have I had any plastic surgery.

Quite a lot of my diet is extremely healthy. I eat a lot of raw food, which rebuilds the visceral wall linings of cells making me age slower than some of my peers.

Chemicals within raw food makes the cell structure stronger, therefore less prone to decay. Cells show less age as they have failed to wilter which causes wrinkles.


I am Australian, born in Sydney.

I speak native English. My Deutsch is bare minimum though.

I live in the Dusseldorf area, and have been for about 2 years. I work as an English teacher online, prior I lived in China (Guiyang) performing this role.

If you are worried about your English level, as a foreign speaker, I find personally that accents are arousing… if that makes you feel more confident.


I am registered with the government as a Sex Worker. I also have a registered business in Germany as an English Teacher and Personal Consultant for tax purposes (Freiberufler).

Outside of escorting, my profession is a freelance native English teacher. I work as a contractor online for a large company mostly focusing on Japanese clientele. I make my own hours on the website and I spend a lot of my time talking to Japanese adults whom are looking to further develop their English with a native speaker for professional reasons.


I have socioeconomic mutability. What this means is that you can put me into a range of environments and I will adapt to the people.

I understand proper etiquette as my parents had a lot of dinner parties as a child and I was raised to be a ‘good little hostess’. I can operate a large party with all organisation myself. Meet people at the door, keep up entertaining small talk, remember to ask guests if they require drink topups, can carry four plates at a time, and I am avidly skilled at cleanup. I remember people’s life stories enough to create close bonds quickly, set a table appropriately, fold a napkin into a fan, what cutlery to use, and know how to operate myself at a resturaunt.

Within the alternative, I have always understood deviant and socioeconomic variables within culture. I am comfortable sitting in an abandoned house with a bunch of street kids, or a high class resturaunt having an intruiging debate. I can deviate into ‘westie slang’ with swearing, laid back person and be a part of a social environment which is generally considered less female-comfortable. I can sit in a room of 20 men and be relaxed.

I can keep you talking for hours if you like, endless waves of curiousity about you. Or just sit and watch my surrounding environment as a voyeur.


I currently have a Bachelor of Arts (culture and communication) and am currently completing the final units of my second undergraduate degree in Sociology and Anthropology.

I study part-time through an Australian University online, which is a popular method in Australia especially for adults.

I obtained a Diploma of Journalism as my first degree as a school-leaver and also obtained a Certificate in Aged and Disability care from technical college.

I have two certificates in English Teaching. A TESOL certificate and I also conducted recently a short course to teach Business English.

Hopefully I will end up doing a postgraduate in Sexology as my next degree. Then a masters in Philosophy probably.

I always study alongside whatever work I am doing, because I enjoy learning. As now I live in a country where education is free, it’s even more delightful a notion.


I do not yet offer this service.

I do not feel my Deutsch is good enough to operate as a translator for you. I will update this section when I have above B1 german.


I upload solo pornography to the Internet on occassion.

For a few months I performed live webcam shows, this is no longer current because I find the lack of interaction boring. ‘A far fly from fucking,’ to phrase it.


I am available 24/7 to be called to hotel rooms.

Be aware you must book me 12 hours in advance (because I’m a human).

My default service area is from Bonn to Münster in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

This is Inclusive of areas like; Bonn, Troisdorf, Köln (Cologne), Neuss, Mönchengladbach, Düsseldorf, Solingen, Duisburg, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Essen, Oberhausen, Gelsenkirchen, Krefeld, Recklinghausen, Bochum, Wuppertal, Bottrop, Hagen, Dortmund, Hamm, Münster, etc.

I will travel to anywhere on the following map. Plus from Köln to Bonn, and Hamm to Münster.

Schienenschnellverkehrsplan (Train Map)

I am available to travel internationally. International examples of Amsterdam (NL) or Lüttich (BE) are no issue as they have connecting trains from Düsseldorf. If you require any further distance travel (if the travel is over 3 hours by train), a deposit will need to be made incase you fail to appear. The deposit will be credited to my overall fee.

If you are booked into a hotel room with a swipe card to start the elevator then there are two options. Either I can message you as I walk into the hotel, and you can meet me in the elevator. Or feel free to meet me outside the hotel and walk in together. If your hotel does not have a swipe card, I will just appear magically at your door.

Hope to see you soon, wherever you are 😛.


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