What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?

What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?


Okay this is first going to be split up into two categories; Video and Live.

Disclaimer: I was a camgirl for approximately 3-6 months in 2019. I have been creating pornography since 2019, and it is still current.

Video Content


This by far, is my favourite thing to do right now. Burst video content. Being able to “make” something that appeases others, makes me happy. Also, it can be done in distant thoughts. Example; do video, get inspiration for a video 26 hours later, create video 5 hours after that, upload video, repeat cycle. Getting inspiration is unique in that it can be and cannot be time determinate. I can force myself a little, but, mostly it will happen when it wants. Along this train of thought, Videos therefore are more freeing as a form of work. As it works “within” my natural life, for now anyway. Pornhub says itself that its algorithms require about 2-3 videos a month to stay relevant to their feature function. So, there is less pressure in that way.

Video content offers variability, in that there is so much niche content to create. The following is of course bias; I feel more choice exists within creating porn than creating gaming content. Though this is not the case. I am constricted by “pornography” or “the adult industry” similar in gaming you are constricted by “the game” or “the industry of gaming”. There is always a constriction, but I just feel that porn for me is a more natural constriction that I want to go with rather than fight against. Whereas with gaming I always felt not enough of me was shown when making videos or presenting live. As the topics I tend to want to talk about don’t always go hand-in-hand with a gaming audience, or the type of clothing I have to wear is limited (this is only an issue cause I wear see-through singlet shirts when casually gaming by myself), etc.

I considered making gaming content for a long time. Though, I dislike the google / youtube empire heavily. I tend to be anti-conglomeration of markets. Twitch skirts on this obviously, now owned by Amazon and owning like 70% of the marketshare. To the point where Microsoft withdrew their platform Mixer because the competition is too heavy. I am pro open source and the development of human kind. Take for the example this video, which will show you some of the humour and intense stupidity currently being used by mainstream corporates today. I think stifling the growth of new business = the current Western model of business, and I think that harms the growth of humankind. Things like this errred me away from google based enterprises because of the things they tend to do with the money they are given. Besides privacy concerns, just… wtf they do with their money is frightening. I don’t complain, I don’t care, I just dont give them any of my money. I put it into things I want to see grow. So, in making content for Youtube specifically (as the default platform currently), I decided to just avoid it.

This links up with Pornhub, and as to why it is being discussed somewhat. Pornhub is cited to be, ‘killing the porn industry’. Tube sites which are conglomerations, mostly pirated content, and favour their own agencies over others. Ie, the intensive marketing of Brazzers and Reality Kings which are both owned by Pornhub. Pornhub now also own things like YouPorn, RedTube, etc, and this is creating a form of monopoly. The variety is dwindling. A good example is this video where the author discusses being on a porn set and how directors are now “naming” their porn movies and how algorithms affect what porn is being made. You can read a ton of articles about this subject here. I won’t even get into the industry kicking men out of it… but the list goes on.

Positives and Negatives

So, I never considered working for Pornhub (in a sense, (as of writing this) I am exclusive with them for my free content, so am a contractor). A lot of what is on Pornhub overall is not of my own taste, and I have been looking for quite a few years for particular websites that suit my needs more personally. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4. I try to sit down and explain this to people… today I’ll use this clip. Disclaimer: I like Danny D cause he has a british accent and commonly acts a character that is aloof or surprised. Ie, he appears more human that “takes advantage” of a good thing. Say I like Catherine Zeta Jones because she tends to play a rude female a lot, this is all just personal preference. So… in the prior clip, I want you to watch it and tell me how much of the % of the screen is of Danny D (boy) vs Rina Ellis (girl), in the entire clip.

The camera is specifically focused on her body most of the time, with Danny doing stuff to her (fine), but, it very rarely shows HIS facial expressions. Most porn focuses on genitalia (fine), but then when the camera pans out it likely goes straight to the girl’s face, or her breasts, etc. As a girl, that’s not what you are used to seeing when you have sex right? You’re not looking at your own tits, you look at them everyday. If you’re not a lesbian, the breasts of another woman don’t normally arouse you at all, so it actually can stall your arousal. Ie, you become unaroused by the camera angles looking where you would never look yourself. Breaking immersion. You look up at the man fucking you, or you look up into his eyes when giving head, etc… you look AT HIM.

Say at 6:37 there is a closeup of danny’s face looking down at her. This is something women find arousing… how a man looks at a woman. How that makes you feel. You can go from a 2 to an 8 level of arousal just by a really solid look from a male making you feel you are driving him wild. You want a camera pan to the actor’s chest… watching his ripped body force his dick into her… not “only if the girls body is also in the shot”. Most men don’t want to see that, so it is excluded from the finished product, which makes a lot of porn boring for women. Makes most of the entire porn industry, C class videos rather than A class ones (like they are for men). So, most women don’t want to watch it with their husbands. Unless it’s fetish, something you already know you like.

There are great videos like this, that focus on the guys face. His expressions, his seriousness at pleasing you, your ability to decide whether you find them attractive and whether that heightens your arousal. It is very hard in porn to make that choice. You are told that dick = only male feature that matters for 95% of the video. Which is not generally the case in real life, so porn becomes confusing to watch sometimes. Most women don’t look at a man’s face and say “that doesn’t matter show me the D” < ask a woman… I’m sure she will think your crazy for thinking that. If she doesn’t find you somewhat attractive, your 20m hypothetical slong isn’t going to convince her.

Licking is of course easy to make that for though. Okay take another industry example. VR Porn is a new craze… Sireah is super excited, thinks, “ooooh cool, much pov”… then Siren realises that it will likely take another 10 years for their to be pov female and pov fetish to actually facilitate her watching it. Think of my porn decisions being like that. Regular porn, is generally not as arousing for the general caucus of women. The really good stuff, is niche, so it gets made less. Takes you longer to find, etc. When you get to percentages, I feel it gets a little depressing.

Disclaimer though, I recognise woman and men both have hugely varying preferences of content. I am not discussing what is “in” the video, I’m discussing film editing itself :).

So when it came down to making porn, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. Due to feeling mostly porn wasn’t “made for me” mostly. I do watch a lot of porn, have a nice collection… but… I know about 95% of porn isn’t something I watch myself. Knowing what I knew about the porn industry, whether I thought it was even worth getting into it with what was happening with the reshaping by the tubesites. But, I got faith that what’s going to birth from these changes will be magnificent… but still, there is that anti-monopoly belief pattern. Rightly so to have that, but… should that stop my involvement in a professional sense in this case? Was my question.


So… a few months ago (*I believe this was sometime in 2018), I met a guy through a gaming circle of friends. He had recently been made redundant in layoffs from a game developer role (as to why this came up in general conversation), and ended up working in IT for another field. Later he told me it was MindGeek (Pornhub) whom he had gotten work with. I queried him one day about a few of the concerns I had (prior to making content) and he tried to relate to me about the algorithm protection built in for the content. I was trying to relate how Article 13 (EU) might be really bad for Pornhub (with all of its pirated content). Similar to what is happening with Hentai Haven. He was citing that from his end, the company is specifically built to fix those issues, so things like the GDPR and Article 13 were already built into its programming and it was getting even better all the time. Small conversations like this, and there were a few, made me much calmer about the idea of uploading my content to Pornhub itself. Those worries in the back of my head, were eased by doing some more researching and actually talking about them.

Later when I signed the agreement to be a Model, I read the section on DMCA protection, when you are exclusive they give you higher earnings on advertising revenue. Also they will redirect any earnings other videos get with you in it (reuploads), to your account or you can choose to get them taken down. I found the idea of that very good. That everything I upload has built in copyright. My face technically is copyright in Pornhub’s algorithm system. It feels “safe”.

When uploading your identification (to prove your over 18) to PH, it feels so much nicer than most other adult industry websites. Some websites ask for really stupid things and ways to do it. Pornhub is clean, its nice, they give lots of examples of what not to do, ask for the bare minimum (as you should, there is no need for tons of shit) and its done. They are changing things on the backend all the time with what the contractors (models, amateurs, pornstars) request. It’s “progressive” is what I am implying.

The help section is extensive. The feedback section is extensive. And support commonly replies to you within 24 hours, even to the point where the support is actually really good. I asked the other day for the pixel dimensions that the encoder uses for vertical to horizontal uploads (what it requires for the autoflip). It took two support people but I actually got a whole html link (depreciated / updated) sent to me. That rarely happens with any company, (I bicker with lots of companies about technical details), I was so impressed. This is kind of just how it feels on the backend… Pornhub listens and the company actually is massively progressive. Which I imagine is why they became a market leader.

So I decided to… I refer to it as, “Single Target” (ST). As is a strong term in gaming, verses AOE (area of effect), which means hitting multiple targets at the same time equally. I decided to ST pornhub very heavily.

In terms of how it feels, “what it’s like”. I don’t really have an answer for that specifically. Because I haven’t gone over any crux of good vs bad yet. I’ll come back and reanswer at some point when my opinion becomes more fine tuned about the situation :).

Live Content

Stripchat / xHamsterLive / Chaturbate / ImLive / MyFreeCams (MFC) / Twitch (non naked) / Plexstorm (naked).

I played a lot of Indie games on Twitch for a while. Everyday for 3 months, then took a break, then came back to do it infrequently, trying to pick a more main game attitute. So… what I mean is, I have learnt the behaviours of sitting and doing something whilst having people watching. This is a very important thing to talk about to do with camming. I had some basic experience in live video prior to starting to cam from gaming.

I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of articles on camming before I started. Scoping out a lot of knowledge. There are some great guides around. These are some things that influence my decision about “where” to put my services.

Things that influence my choices:


So lets take comparisons from ThePornDude‘s list, (mmv = million monthly visitors).

  • ImLive: 5.15 mmv, top countries: US, India, Colombia, UK, Ukraine.
  • MFC: 121.72 mmv, top countries: US, UK, Canada, Germany, Brazil.
  • Chaturbate: 430.42 mmv, top countries: US, Germany, UK, France, Canada.
  • LiveJasmin: 446.28 mmv, top countries: US, Germany, UK, France, Japan.
  • Streamate (Pornhub Camgirls main site): 7.55 mmv, top countries: US, UK, Canada, Germany, Brazil.
  • Cams: 19.62 mmv, top countries: US, Germany, UK, Canada, Brazil.
  • Camster: 8.32 mmv, top countries: US, Mexico, India, Brazil, Germany.
  • Cam4: 56.21 mmv, top countries: Italy, US, Brazil, France, Spain.
  • MyDirtyHobby: 28.35 mmv, top countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, US, UK.

There are of course, tons of websites, I just listed a few for now. There are more listed in ThePornDude link and a lot more over the internet itself. Some are country specific websites (or have multiple domains; .de, .in, etc, so their traffic looks different when grouped together), and some are worldwide. So, in terms of traffic, from all my research MyFreeCams, LiveJasmin and Chaturbate are the three best websites for traffic.

The pros to this side of the research

Traffic is raw numbers coming in, so obviously by itself that is going to be a good thing.

The cons of this research

Doesn’t show from those numbers what % brings in money for the website. Ie, this is not an earnings quarter statistic.

Say if a website has 50 million visits in a month, and 50% of them pay, verses 400 million and only 1% pay. Example; If 50 million = $50. $50 x 0.50 (50%) = $25. $400 x 0.01 (1%) = $4. You can understand this is a massive difference.

I’ve heard it argued that this can be the case sometimes, not those numbers but in how it affects the average camgirl.

In a more private website, sometimes there is much more private show requests which draw in more money verses the larger websites which have less people paying and have more competition. 100 girls vs 1000 girls to compete with is a big deal, especially if you are in a minority area on a website and so you can get noticed more easily.

Example; on a japanese website as an american girl. Be an ebony model on a majorly white website, etc.

So all of those buyers are more easily funneled towards you if you do niche content. Say if you have blue hair or big pussy lips or dark skin, some people will specifically look for these niche traits and the less people with those traits, the more marketshare of that you can aim to control in that niche area.

Working Hours

So if you look back at the above and at the countries listed, have a bit of a think of what hours those countries work off in terms of time zones. They are pretty varied.

Conglomerate examples of EU/UK/Russia, are very different from US/Canada/South America/Mexico, and again different from India/Australia/China/Japan/SouthEastAsia, etc.

Issues that I face are what websites have high traffic specifically for my time zone. As I am currently living in Europe, I prefer websites with a lot of users on around that time. Currently right now I cam from 9pm – 3am my time. This works out to be extremely different for other countries (conversions). The times of day the traffic is heavy on the website changes a lot then, based on your own time zone of course. If the traffic is mostly coming in the hours I am not working, then that makes the website less desirable for me.

Say on ImLive, only 20-30% of the camgirls are English speaking, but it has 24% of its traffic coming from US and 7% from UK. So a lot of its users speak English. This is important in terms of marketshare on the website; if you do speak English there is more English speakers glad you speak their language. On a majorly Japanese or Italian website, an English speaker may also be less desired because they do not speak the main language of the traffic country. Though there may also be less competition in the English speaking section for the % of traffic that does speak English.


So this has two parts. Price per minute vs % of Earnings.

Price per minute

Price per minute is garnered by two things. Some websites have a “set” amount and some websites have this “adjustable”.

For example;

ImLive has an adjustable system with 5 different payments 1.98 / 2.80 / 3.80 / 4.80 / 5.80 per minute for a Private Show. They have codes to give people for a lower price if they are repeat customers and you want to reward them / invite them back. Tipping is not as normal as there is a no naked policy in public.

Whereas in comparison MyFreeCams has a set price of 0.10c USD per token for tipping. Where you can designate that you want to do things in public for token cost. Some random examples: Private Show = 60 token / $6 per minute, Voyeur (Spy on Private) = 20 token / $2 per minute, Group Show = 10 token / $1 per minute, Club Show = Free for Camgirl’s Club members, and TruePrivate (No Spy) = 80 token / $8 per minute.

For a comparison of the above for the model. For 100 Token ($1) on MFC, this gives each model 50c (50%). With ImLive it is $1.98 (per minute) x 0.3 (30%) = 59c for the model.

Pro of adjustable payments

The camgirl can determine her own worth.

Pro of tipping websites

Tipping focused websites allow users to give you, “whatever they can”. Say you are from India and you want a girl for half an hour.

$1.98 x 10 mins = $19.80 USD.

It costs ₹7000 per month for the average rent in India in a metropolitan area (outside of city center), ₹7000 / 4 = ₹1750 per week for rent. $19.80 USD = ₹1,378.82 INR. What I’m trying to show is, that for some people with exchange rates, even the cheapest camgirl can be extremely expensive.

Whereas a beer in India is ₹125 = $1.80 USD. If you go out and buy some beers on the weekend, you might spend ₹500.

Instead, you might stay home and watch a camgirl whilst playing video games for an evening, and “chip in” to the overall fun of the stream. Spending that ₹500 instead on a camgirl = $7 USD = 70 tokens.

Doing something like adding to a girl’s Lovense ride and making yourself feel like a member of the community. This is sometimes the benefit of websites like MyFreeCams and Chaturbate in the sense that everyone can chip in just a little to make everyone feel involved. Whereas higher priced websites can exclude that community feeling, as some people just can’t afford the service but want to watch too.

Con of adjustable websites

If you raise your price on adjustable websites, some customers will be excluded from you and go to cheaper girls. Or, beg for discount codes to get those cheaper prices anyway. A website with one set amount, means that everyone coming onto the platform knows what they have to put out for each girl. They don’t have to have a shorter session with a more expensive girl verses a longer session with a cheaper girl; doing the math in their head how much time they lose, and whether your worth it or not.

Con of tipping websites

You can get people watching you for free in public without paying, which is something most people would not do in real life. Ie, wealth can be used as trade for other things. Such as when you choose to have sex with someone, generally it’s because they are able to touch you in return. Physical contact reward as a symbol of wealth.

Online a person cannot give physical contact reward, so you are giving other things instead for trade. Like a bartering system. If there is nothing given as trade, and you are rewarded, sometimes that can teach a false behaviour that all women should get naked for you just because that’s your habitual behaviour. It’s normal for humans to try to reoccur learnt behaviours. In this sense, rather than teaching you what your own love is worth.

If you don’t offer anything, your mentality assumes this person is not important to you. You give your friends, time, encouragement, support, competition, etc < you trade these things for their Self to akin to your own. Similarly, love requires trade of things that is unique to each person.

For me specifically, when I love something, I try to give them sex, psychology, competition, danger, mystery, etc. Each human is unique as to what they seek to trade as a symbol of their love. Without trade, you do not notice it’s occurring as strongly, because you have no “risked” anything for that reward.

% of Earnings

So payout difference across these websites is massive.

ImLive / Streamate / LiveJasmin / etc: 30%.

Chaturbate / MyFreeCams / etc: 60%.

These two examples are pretty much the average, you can get places inbetween but take these two examples as the top and bottom AND the average for the industry. For the lesser platforms, if you bring in more people you get higher payments from the money they spend on you. Or, if you earn more on their platforms, a lot give you a higher % of your earnings. But, as you can see, this is a very large difference in % of earnings that the camgirls get from what you pay them.

Pro of Lesser

One would hope the higher % going to the company makes the website / support staff better (I imply arguably very heavily here). At least with LiveJasmin, that money is going into a fantastic looking website compared to its peers. There is also a lot less competition on these websites, so its easier to be approached.

Pro of Higher

Obviously, you get paid more as the model.

Con of Lesser

User may feel better knowing they are giving more of their actual money to the models.

Con of Higher

These websites are built more like a social media platform smorgasbord. Whilst this is fine, it can maybe feel much less personal in finding “your girl” to watch cause your inundated with choice.

Tips (public) vs Shows (private)

How does your Personality affect Camsites?

Websites like ImLive, Streamate, LiveJasmin, are all made to “get you into private”.

Whereas websites like MyFreeCams and Chaturbate are made to make you want to, “tip to make her do”.

Whilst both services offer either or, they are majorly aimed at their preferred payment type.

So why this is something that is a thing for me to think about specifically, is because I’m not great at begging. I have high confidence, sometimes low self esteem sure, but lower my head to “beg” someone to do something makes me internally rage. I do it, *take an arrow to the knee* or whatever, for very specific cases. And when I do it, it carries a huge amount of weight because I do it so rarely. I am somewhat the same with cumming. If I cum for a dude, in the past I have associated it with high reward. As I can stop myself from cumming. Either through mistrust of the male, or through just a non-desire to cum.

I’ll use an example. Say you play video games, and you play Dark Souls and you downed a boss you found super hard. It took you days, I may *bend* and intensely gratify you because you felt intensely challenged and are proud of yourself. No human knows everything in life, it is sometimes very hard to say someone “did well” without understanding the premise of what they are doing. Got a promotion at work? How am I to know in your industry with your skillset how hard it is to get promoted, how much competition there is from your peers (in your workplace or from outsourced hiring), whether your well suited to the role and would be good in the new one, whether you will hate it or love it, etc.

All I can tell, is how proud you are of yourself. It is somewhat impossible to fake. Pure excitement. Due to pure excitement also carrying understanding of the burdens you have taken. Everyone playing Dark Souls knows; there is always a new boss coming. Everyone who gets a promotion; knows they have new roles they will be fulfilling. There is always apprehension mixed with pure excitement. And I love to reward pure Self pride.

I find it difficult, to gratify someone with me lowering myself to beg, for something menial. If you want to make me cum, tip me, because YOU want to see me aroused because that makes you aroused. Not because I told you to. How would I know whether you really want to see it? If I had not asked, would you tip because you genuinely like me?

This is called Sales. I suck at sales. I am great at PR. I can tell you something, tell you about a brand, an idea, and make it look amazing. But can I make you step over that line and decide something for you? No. You do that, it’s called consent. I admire free will, and love when someone is in control of themselves enough to choose me.

I have tried this though… I’ve realised there are different kinds of people. Take example a; I am someone whom if you approach, may physically dance up against you, make you desire for more, and then lead you in how you can satisfy your desires. Example b; There are other people who need to be coaxed to make that first move. As I personally am not someone who needs that coaxing, and I can see in the other person that they want to do it, it can be extremely hard for me to know what to do or say to make the other person do as they want to. Because that is not my behavioural type. In psychology they refer to this as Extroversion and Agreeableness. I have low agreeableness and high extroversion. This means that I speak on behalf of my own rights really easily. If I want something, I just say it, and don’t care what you think about it.

So when I meet someone whom is somewhat opposite I just end up sitting there, thinking about it, then going intellectually over to start an unsexualised debate because I am so fuelled by curiousity at why that even happens. I realised there was whole subgroups of men I had never even talked to sexually. Of course I speak to these people everyday. But sexually, I have no idea how to approach it. I find it fascinating and I get all :O when I notice it and try endlessly to figure out how to “sexually meet” that need. It is not a flaw in the other person, nor a flaw in me. Its just a difference, and I think that’s fascinating :).

So in private, there are set rules. In public there is less rules. In private, the buyer is in charge. They ask for whatever they want and you try and give it to them (or say no, compromise or end the show). You are doing whatever they want, they are the Boss. They have paid to be the highest rank and you are giving in to their desire for you. Ie, you bend the knee because they traded you something to make you do that. In public, as cammer + moderator of the chatroom you must maintain control. Especially as some people clicking on you haven’t paid. It’s very interesting.

This is what its like to perform on a camgirl website so far. Psychologically, very fascinating in terms of learning yourself how comfortable you are being naked around others, or to what limits you see money as a defining push to do something. Money may be an exchange, but, I quite enjoying watching the guy in control knowing I’m going to do exactly what he has said. Making the girl ‘dance’ (pictures a guy with a gun to another guys feet saying, dance for me before shooting at the ground, lol). I think its interesting to reward this, to make a guys self esteem change, watching something happen because they desired it.

I’ll use a recent real life example. I kissed a male more privately, after he had engaged me in a fascinating conversation for hours within a group of people. Ie, I rewarded the behaviour in my own way for something I considered for his trade. He traded me engaging conversation, and in turn i gave him a sexualised kiss session :P. He was not expecting it, as there was no agreement to do so. I just, rewarded it because to me it was equal trade at the time. I could have also walked up and said thank you for the talk, but that would not have been equal for me.

On a camgirl website, the rewards are written down for you. You know what you are getting and you can decide whether its worth it for you. Whether you want a girl to say your name, or to make her insides vibrate for 30 seconds intensely. You know what you are getting, so you can decide how much its worth for you.

It’s also interesting to watch my opinion of what I think my time is worth. Do I feel personally getting no money for an hour and playing a video game vs $20 for giving men what they want and sitting half naked on camera for an hour. Watching my persona try to work out what I’m worth is really interesting. As of course, this happens in most careers as you become more skilled and technical and move up in the ranks and you can demand your wages sometimes. Whilst that is hard, there is an industry standard to go by. But, in peer-to-peer its another situation. If your neighbour wanted you to fix their fence, and asked you per hour how much you charge. Seriously asked. How would you equate that.

How much is allowing others to see my sexual enjoyment, or controlling my sexual enjoyment, worth for me? It’s a very curious line of thought.

This question was originally asked by Bartgeist on Reddit.

I consolidating my thoughts for the question in the answer and later moved it to this website.

What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?
What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?
What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?
What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?

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What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?
What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?
What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?

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What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?

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What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?

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What is it like to work on Pornhub or work on Chaturbate?