Website Information

Website Information


I make it myself.

Right now it is using the Havan theme by WPKoi.

I use, rather than, for more customisation and to provide the best user privacy.
I edit it manually every time I upload a video, it is not automatically filled by API or run by any third party.


The website is hosted in the EU (specifically the Netherlands), to be somewhat in the ‘middle’ for the World.

My video views come from worldwide. Sometimes a huge chunk from India, sometimes from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, etc.

Though generally the biggest portion comes from English Speaking countries like Australia, UK, Canada, America, NZ, etc.
So I tried to keep it somewhat central for all.

Terms of Service

To be fair; I shopped around a lot. I’ve been with a lot of hosting companies over the years and I really, really dislike some.

I have to worry about ‘Adult Friendly’ hosting providers, as for many providers Adult websites violate their ToS.


I ended up picking a specific one that was:

  • Cheap,
  • Had English-speaking support,
  • Had webite migration,
  • Country of hosting has a favourable GDPR privacy mindset, and
  • Support actually was able to solve difficult problems.
  • Difficulties

    Solving difficult issues is my foremost concern with hosting providers, as I have been in some ridiculous situations that some companies can’t solve and other companies solve seemingly with ease. The company I am with now is ‘decent’ with this, better than others by a long stretch. I have been with them for about 2 years so far (2018 onwards), and enjoyed their service throughout my random technical questions that I bug them with.

    I have had a ton of issues with FTP migration over the years. FileZilla and me, we good. Though database editing gives me problems, and cause I port a large amount of data, stuff tends to go haywire when I do it. So I find it important that a hosting provider offers migration even if I don’t use it with them.

    I found out about Adult Friendly ToS because a host took down another of my websites due to this. This is actually a really common policy but I was not aware of it prior to that instance.


    I make the site to garner traffic for my pornography, and aesthetically it’s focused around being visually appealing.

    Alongside somewhat more personal for people who like me enough to want a website to go to to find all my content.

    I like all my information aggregated in one place in some way, so the website functions to pool everything together.

    I have been focusing my attention on expanding out to other websites like MyDirtyHobbyPornTrexFapsterShooshtime and LoveHomePorn.


    Financially, this website doesn’t need to make me any money. As the hosting and domain are inexpensive annually, and I run a few other non-porn related websites that are all hosted together.

    There is so much in terms of porn sites which are affiliate re-sharing websites, which is fine, but trying to figure out which ones have:

    1. Enough traffic.

    • Example. Anything roughly over 300k views a day is an okay website for me. Though I prefer a website have 1M (million) or more. I have no real “minimum”, a newly launched site is perfectly fine if it looks nice and has a nice backend. Though when allocating time for uploading, I have been trying to find websites with a large amount of monthly hits. This has been a strong help for me deciding one website over another in uploading decisions.
    2. Allow amateurs to upload to the site.
    • Obviously this is a requirement. Though there is of course the option to ask them to bot my content from tubesites. Though I prefer total control over my content so uploading is better.

    3. I like the website.

    • It doesn’t look like it hasn’t been updated since the 1980s.

    4. It fits with my brand.

    • Uploading to something like a teen, ebony or anal focused website would be a waste of time as an example of a clash of brand image. Need websites that support amateur milf masturbation and deepthroat content.

    5. They all “all” my content.

    • Some websites decide they only want my high ranking videos and I prefer having my entire library to show for people to enjoy. Also this creates aggregative views. Ie, someone watching x good video might also like my other content that may not be as ‘clickbait’ frontpage content.
    • In some cases like DeviantArt having a policy against Insertion / hardcore, or a website saying they don’t want a video because its under x amount of minutes, these things I can understand so still use the websites.
    • Though some websites just say “we don’t want this video / album” for no policy reason and I get frustrated.
      Similarly, some websites bot like 5/80+ videos (as of writing this in 2021) and it’s weird to see your content scattered around like that. So I either ask for permission to edit my pages to add more, or DMCA request them remove the videos. As I find it unprofessional to have my stuff scattered around looking half empty like that.

    In terms of pure botted resharer websites.

    An affiliate re-sharing website is a site which doesn’t own any porn and just sends you to other websites and they get money based on your clicks. It’s a smart business concept, as it’s not a lot of work once its setup. The key to that is making a website which sits in a niche and you can SEO it well.

    The tube sites (like pornhub, xhamster, xvideos, etc) don’t specify their content, they are aggregators with tons of genres.

    So building a website around a niche that you pull from the tube sites is how the re-sharing sites work cause they ping high in search results because there is less competition due to the niche strategy.

    Like only having porn on your website, pulled from the tube sites, which has videos with the tag ‘black dildo’ or something and calling the website to get high rankings. Then automatically port daily, with a bot reading the API or RSS scripts from a tubesite, all the content uploaded by people who have tagged their videos with black dildo.

    Obviously also allowing users to flag the content if its not appropriate for the website (lack of black dildo for example), because automatic porting can sometimes contain problems (people tagging videos on the tube sites incorrectly).

    So I have to look for this stuff as well. As my content gets ported over to websites using this method. I have no opinion on it, it’s just a part of online business.

    This website doesn’t allow copy and paste but allows you to save images.

    This is because I don’t care if you download stuff for personal use but I don’t want the entire website copy pasted or reuploaded.
    If you want my content published on your website, or on a website you like, just send me a message on any of the websites I currently have content on.

    Deviantart and xHamster are probably the best places to get hold of me. Xvideos I get spammed quite a bit and it’s GUI is a chatbox. Sometimes I don’t check Pornhub for a while because it’s having some comment spam issues as of writing this, and my friend requests are automated. xHamster and DeviantArt both have specific full page writing backends for answering messages so I am more likely to reply to messages about reuploads or content permissions there.

    If I do decide to publish on the platforms you recommend, I will send you a link when the content is live.

    If you reupload my content to websites yourself without letting me know, I find this acceptible if you specifically word where it has originated. Citing either my name “Sireah”, or somewhere on each video page is generally acceptible enough for me.

    I dislike forcing people to ask the, “who is in this video,” question.

    Why I require my name is so:

    1. That you have cited that I am the owner and don’t violate my business copyright.
    2. I can find the website on my monthly DMCA searches and link to it on the following business page.

    Anyway… Thanks for reading!

    Sireah Warden Website Information
    Sireah Warden Website Information
    Sireah Warden Website Information
    Sireah Warden Website Information

    Publishing Company: Sireah Warden

    Cast: Sireah Warden

    Adult Actress Background

    Sireah Warden is an adult performer originating from Australia. Her career began at the age of 30 in 2019.

    Her content is published under the Amateur Milf categories on pornographic websites.

    Sireah’s portfolio of content focuses on Adult entertainment themes of; Blowjob and Deepthroat, Masturbation and Female Orgasm, along with JOI and Encouragement.

    The adult actress is 5’1 (155cm), caucasian, english-speaking, with long dark hair, and blue eyes.

    Sireah Warden Website Information
    Sireah Warden Website Information
    Sireah Warden Website Information

    Sireah Warden's Official Network

    Sireah Warden Website Information

    Search the website through Tags. The website is split into multiple sections. Such as Short vs Long videos, and sections like deepthroat, masturbation, or orgasm. You can also singularly select each tag.

    For more personal information about Sireah. Such as age, breast size, height, tattoos, favourite food, etc.

    Questions and Answers Section. Focusing on platform exclusivity, what it’s like making content for porn sites or on webcam, what kind of videos are enjoyable to make, etc.

    Sireah Warden Website Information

    For more information about each video check the Video Archive. It shows video recording date, published date, foreign titles, etc. This page also shows statistics on amount of videos recorded each year, countries the videos were recorded in, how many videos are hardcore verses softcore, etc.

    FAQ about this Website. Answering questions like how it’s made, who makes it, where content are uploaded, how it’s financed, etc.

    Feel free to upvote me as a pornstar on Babepedia.

    For a full list of videos and images checkout IMDB. IMDB also has search filter options and trivia about Sireah.

    Sireah Warden Website Information