What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?

What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?


All videos can be discussed and I will of course be as flexible as possible for whatever videos I am offered.

This section is to specify some of my “best work” roles, if looking to be cast in something.


In this example, I am very good at play the masculine in this situations. I have no issue being the aggressor: initiating / convincing / forcing, femdom / facesitting, licking, (tried scissoring once, I know how to do it in practice, but I wouldn’t say I actually enjoy it from what I know), fingering, kissing, swallowing cum, clit stimulation, strapons (though I only have experience with that being done to me, it would be something I would practice before assuming that role), etc.


I adore shower sex, any form of sex with water gets me super thrilled.

With regular partners (not in porn / for viewers)

I am someone who loves to give people what they are missing in life.

If you already have a partner, then you should be smart enough to pick smart or explain to them how much you need sex. Think about it for years, try heaps of different things talking to them, find a nice medium. I am not your scapegoat for you being too unintelligent to make your relationships sexually fulfilling. I know it can be hard, if you want a good book about it here, to improve your relationship sex life (how some people make it work and why others fail to).

I struggle with wanting to feed a part of the growing epidemic of unsatisfied men. I prefer to have sex with a man who really needs me, whom has no-one else to have sex with. Thats my job, to give people what they “don’t have”, to be that support to keep them trying to find someone that satisfies them. Extra: this does not exclude swingers and such, I’m okay with threesomes. TLDR: No adultery or cheating with amateurs (unless you are hired by a porn corporate).

Attraction depends on a lot of things. I prefer someone who looks “average”. If your too hot, I’ll ignore you because I think its strange you’re talking to me. Think I’m way above you, I’ll ignore you. I don’t need a massive ego, thank you dear, that’s unhelpful. I like to appear like an attractive average girl that you could meet at your local grocery store. I am not afraid of more attractive people, I just also don’t notice them as much. If ur a 10/10, go find a 10/10 < is kind of how I see it.

I’m a staunch believer in socioeconomic equality for dating, example. I read a study a long time ago that really made me think and realised this was exactly how people chose partners. What I mean by this is; to find people whom are “at your level” in some way. As that is the way most humans pair bond. Ie, finding someone of your same beliefs, same monetary earnings, same attractiveness, same geolocation, etc. Some people will  break out of these comfort areas but it’s harder to do that. There is also scientific arguments for exchange, the most common is a 10/10 in attractive will date a 10/10 in wealth, as a trade off for meeting those levels. A 5/5 in attractiveness and 8/8 in wealth, will date a 5/5 in attractiveness with 8/8 wealth, this is the most common way people pair with each other. From what I understand.

Why I'd have sex with you

You’re a good conversationalist.

You teach me things that are hard to find out by myself (the rarer the knowledge the better).

You accept that I’m a human being, that I exist void of what you desire for me to be in your world.

You don’t try and mesh our worlds together to make you or I look unstable, example.

I want someone who wants to hang with me, fuck me, and be my mate… friendship is a huge part of how I choose to fuck people.

Someone who can kick me to the curb and tell me if I’m being too arrogant. Someone who will let me go if I’m losing my own direction in life. Someone who can accept me doing the same to them without having an emotional breakdown at me being dominant.

Someone who is strong on their own morals.

Someone who is open minded enough to learn things that the world tells you that you shouldn’t know.

This will get added to over time. Sorry it’s short.

What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?
What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?
What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?
What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?

Publishing Company: Sireah Warden

Cast: Sireah Warden

Adult Actress Background

Sireah Warden is an adult performer originating from Australia. Her career began at the age of 30 in 2019.

Her content is published under the Amateur Milf categories on pornographic websites.

Sireah’s portfolio of content focuses on Adult entertainment themes of; Blowjob and Deepthroat, Masturbation and Female Orgasm, along with JOI and Encouragement.

The adult actress is 5’1 (155cm), caucasian, english-speaking, with long dark hair, and blue eyes.

What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?
What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?
What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?

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What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?

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What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?

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What are things you prefer to make adult videos of?