About Sireah Content: Looking at Sireah Official Site:

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About Sireah Content: Looking at Sireah Official Site:

How is this website made?

I make it myself.

Right now it is using Bold Photography‘s WordPress theme. I use wordpress.org, rather than wordpress.com.

I edit it manually every time I upload a video, it is not automatically filled or run by any third party.


About Sireah Content: Looking at Sireah Official Site:

Where is it Hosted?


The website is hosted in the EU (specifically the Netherlands), to be somewhat in the ‘middle’ for the World.

My views come from worldwide, sometimes a huge chunk from India, sometimes from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, etc.

Though generally the biggest portion comes from English Speaking countries, Australia, UK, Canada, America, etc. So I tried to keep it somewhat central for all.

Terms of Service

To be fair; I shopped around a lot. I’ve been with a lot of hosting companies over the years and I really, really dislike some.

I have to worry about ‘Adult Friendly’ hosting providers, as for many providers Adult websites violate their ToS.


I ended up picking a specific one that was cheap, had English-speaking support, had migration, country of hosting has a favourable GDPR privacy mindset, and support actually was able to solve difficult problems.


Solving difficult issues is my foremost concern with hosting providers, as I have been in some ridiculous situations that some companies can’t solve and other companies solve seemingly with ease. The company I am with now, I have been with for about 2 years so far (2020), and enjoyed their service throughout my random technical questions that I bug them with.

I have had a ton of issues with FTP migration over the years. FileZilla and me, we good. Though database editing gives me problems, and cause I port a large amount of data, stuff tends to go haywire when I do it. So I find it important that a hosting provider offers it even if I don’t use it with them.

I found out about Adult Friendly ToS because a host took down another of my websites due to this. This is actually a really common policy but I was not aware of it prior to that instance.


About Sireah Content: Looking at Sireah Official Site:

How do you finance this website?

Financially, this website doesn’t need to make me any money. As the hosting and domain are inexpensive annually, and I run a few other non-porn related websites that are all hosted together.

Specific financing I actually do though is through HubTraffic (Pornhub, Source), and am looking into Xvideos and xHamster affiliate services.

So every click you make on my videos from here to a porn site gains me a small amount of money through HubTraffic.

I use HubTraffic by using Widgets of my Video IDs and Embedded Page options, to only link my uploaded videos rather than blasting ads all over the website.


About Sireah Content: Looking at Sireah Official Site:

Why do you make this website?

I make the site to garner traffic for my pornography, and aesthetically it’s focused around being visually appealing.

Alongside somewhat personal for people who like me enough to want one.

I like all my information aggregated in one place in some way, so the website functions to pool everything together.


About Sireah Content: Looking at Sireah Official Site:

How do you decide which websites to upload to?

I have been focusing my attention on expanding out to other websites like MyDirtyHobby, PornTrex, and LoveHomePorn. There is so much in terms of porn sites which are affiliate re-sharing websites, which is fine, but trying to figure out which ones have:


1. Enough traffic (example).

2. Allow amateurs to upload to the site (main thing).

3. I like the website (it doesn’t look like it hasn’t been updated since the 80s).

4. It fits with my brand (uploading to teen focused websites would be a waste of time as an example of a clash of brand image).


An affiliate re-sharing website is a site which doesn’t own any porn and just sends you to other websites and they get money based on your clicks. It’s a smart business concept, as it’s not a lot of work once its setup. The key to that is making a website which sits in a niche and you can SEO it well.

The tube sites (like pornhub, xhamster, xvideos, etc) don’t specify their content, they are aggregators with tons of genres. So building a website around a niche that you pull from the tube sites is how the re-sharing sites work cause they ping high in search results because there is less competition due to the niche strategy. Like only having porn on your website, pulled from the tube sites, which has videos with the tag ‘black dildo’ or something, and therefore all the content automatically ported to your website will only have videos with people with black dildos.

Obviously also allowing users to flag the content if its not appropriate for the website (lack of black dildo for example), because automatic porting can sometimes contain problems (people tagging videos on the tube sites incorrectly).

Anyway… Thanks for reading!

About Sireah Content: Looking at Sireah Official Site: